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Alligator cracks and potholes are signs that your asphalt needs to be repaired. Depending on the extent of the damage, your asphalt may require superficial milling and repair, or, in the worst-case scenario, a full-depth excavation, and reconstruction from the ground up.

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Asphalt Crack Sealing

Rain, snow, and sunlight all penetrate cracks, eroding the foundation of your driveway and parking lot. The fissures in the pavement deepen as these dangerous elements penetrate the subbase, finally causing cracks. As such, we provide asphalt crack sealing services to help prevent your driveway from pavement degradation and collapse.

Our asphalt repair contractors will seal the cracks to prevent dangerous elements from seeping in and extend the life of your pavement. Crack sealing effectively minimizes the spread of problems while also doubling the pavement's service life. When you let us perform proactive pavement maintenance, you can save costly pavement work in the early stages of deterioration.

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asphalt cracks sealed in pavement in Miami
asphalt worker cutting asphalt road for a hot patch

Asphalt Pothole Filling

Crack repairs are made to keep water out, not to conceal the crack. The sealant will settle somewhat below the crack's surface, depending on the extent of the crack.

Sealcoating will help keep the crack from growing worse, but it will never make the crack disappear. For best results, the best course of action to take is to do asphalt crack filling more regularly than surface sealcoat application.

At El Paso Asphalt, we provide regular pavement maintenance to ensure that our customers get the most out of our services.

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Asphalt Patching

Various things cause a pothole to occur, including shoddy construction, a lack of maintenance, prolonged exposure to the elements, toxic chemicals, and so on. The moisture penetrating the cracks causes the cracks to grow in size and the asphalt to break off into smaller pieces.

Due to the freeze-thaw weather cycle, deicing procedures, and frequent salting, asphalt surfaces are the most vulnerable throughout the winter, causing cracks and potholes to form and deepen.

Potholes are hazardous because they can injure pedestrians and vehicles alike. Because of that, we repair potholes in driveways with asphalt patching. Our cut and patch solutions are available to help business owners and the like in addressing their damaged asphalt and keeping their parking lots and driveways safe.

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asphalt cracks sealed in pavement in Miami

Asphalt Repair Near Me

We exclusively utilize the highest-quality crack filling materials available and the latest tools and equipment to fix damaged parking lots and driveways.

We help improve the beauty of your driveway, prevent damaging water infiltration, and reduce the dangerous oxidation caused by the sun. We have all of the essential permits to undertake asphalt repair and maintenance work.

Before those cracks and potholes escalate into major issues, call in our experts so they can deal with the repair job right away. We are your trusted asphalt repair company in El Paso, so don't hesitate to reach out. 915-995-9826

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